DJM Fabrications

DJM Log Forks


Clamp diameter: 150 – 1250mm,
Cut capacity: 150-1200mm.
Heavy duty 1200mm diameter slew ring with 2 drive motors, approximate 85,000 rotational force.
210 degree saw bar rotation with return cut ability.
56cc saw motor / standard 55″saw bar.
Continuous bar lube system, head mounted reservoir provides positive lube pump pressure.

Heavy Duty Log Forks
• Designed for de-barking, splitting and loading with greater ease and efficiency
• Manufactured from Bisalloy 80 plate with box type main tynes and hardened tips
• Two different designs to choose from – straight curve or return on the movable beak end.

Cross Cut Saw
• Offered with stand-alone oiler
• Can be retro fitted to most existing log forks or other attachments
• Available as an integrated saw built into the log fork,
provides compact size and less vulnerable to damage