DJM Fabrications

Hercules 3.9 HD Felling Head


Clamp diameter: 150 – 1250mm,
Cut capacity: 150-1200mm.
Heavy duty 1200mm diameter slew ring with 2 drive motors, approximate 85,000 rotational force.
210 degree saw bar rotation with return cut ability.
56cc saw motor / standard 55″saw bar.
Continuous bar lube system, head mounted reservoir provides positive lube pump pressure.

Features and benefits of the HERCULES 3.9 HD:
A high capacity, bucket style single front arm, offers versatility in felling, delimbing, and track building.

IQAN control system used increases fuel efficiency. System is programmed to demand the minimum required hydraulic
flow from the base for individual head functions thus providing both fuel efficient and smooth machine operation.

Cutting unit includes a gutsy 56cc hydraulic saw motor with up to a 55” saw bar. The saw has a 210° rotation and return
cut capability. Also featuring a ‘quick to cut’ characteristic via rapid initial positioning. Return cut allows an operator to
scarf then back-cut from the one side when tipping trees back from a boundary or filter strip area. The hydraulic system
offers unique independent saw bar operation as well as fine control of chain lubrication.

Ergonomic control handles are fitted along with a cabin mounted user display interface. This allows fast and simple
adjustment of head functions combined with excellent diagnostics for service. Dynamic display features such as forced
chain lube operation; saw home and hydraulic filter status and head function pressures.

Offering the smoothest rotator function in the industry. The high torque on board rotation system allows clean hydraulic
installation with no external hoses. ‘Face to Pin’ hook up is the closest in this head class making the HERCULES 3.9 HD
balanced and operator friendly. Our innovative hydraulic float system protects the motors from damage. Smooth
proportional operation combined with the float system offers fuel efficiency, extended life and enhanced operator feel.

Influence and guidance from both customers and leading minds in the forestry equipment engineering field have led to the
advanced design of this head. DJM are uniquely placed and able to build such an advance design due to their fully inhouse
manufacturing processes from CNC Cutting & Bending through to Digital GMAW Welding and CNC Machining

Service life is also at the forefront of the design with long life, easy to replace wear parts. The front arm features a cost effective
replaceable cutting edge and the body incorporates tips and combs designed for excellent durability, long life and quick
efficient changeover.

HERCULES 3.9 HD reduces the need for other machines when setting up your coupe with the digging ability of the head.

Our careful choice of quality components and proven manufacturing processes make this head the
right choice in today’s competitive forest harvesting business.