DJM Fabrications

Cabin Guard Bumps


Cabin Guard
• ROPS/FOPS certified and built to customer requirements
• Skylite fitted with poly-carbonate overlay to enhance operator vision
• Swing-out front grill door fitted to aid front window cleaning also acts as an emergency exit
• Quality work lights fitted across the front and to left side
• Optional door mounted on left hand side for additional operator protection
• Door operational from both inside and outside cabin
• Right-hand (Boom) side window replaced with poly-carbonate

Heavy Duty Side Doors
• Side doors replaced with heavier doors
• Specifically designed to withstand side impact
• Prevents intrusion into the machine working parts

Bump Rails
• Press formed Bisalloy 80 welded directly to car body
• Offers protection to side of machine
• Partial bumps offered to enable fitting of guards
• Optional see-through front also available